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Silent World is the largest and most experienced rebreather dealer in the Pacific Northwest. We have been Training, selling and servicing rebreathers for over 19 years.  Go with Experience!

Instructor Craig Willemsen, has been diving and teaching rebreather divers and Instructors since the late 1990's. Craig has over 2500 logged rebreather dives all over the world, come learn from one of the best!

Why all the training? Our goal is to have you "over-learn" the basics so you are completely comfortable with your rebreather. We go over and above the minimum training standards required by certifying agencies..

AND we offer rebreather-friendly dive trips for like-minded rebreather divers. See why we have rebreathers users from all over the country diving with us!


Wondering whether rebreathers are the next logical step for you?

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Deco Efficiency  Imagine diving for 60 minutes at 100 feet with no decompression time. Or 90 minutes at 65 feet. Or two hours or even four hours at shallower depths. Rebreathers reduce the nitrogen out of the air you breathe, reducing significantly your nitrogen load that leads to decompression diving, longer surface intervals, and, at worst, decompression sickness.

Less to no Bubbles! Your exhaled gas isn't released into the surrounding water. This means you aren't venting bubbles all over the place. Loud bubbles. Clouds of bubbles. Less bubbles means diving silently. That silence, and the lack of scary random bubble clouds, allows you to get eye to eye with shy marine life that would usually hide upon hearing you approach  

Get Closer! Most professional UW photographers are using rebreathers and are able to approach critters without them swimming off as quickly

More Time!  For example, with a Hollis Explorer, you'll carry 3-4 hours of breathing gas for just about any depth (based on the nitrox mix). For Closed circuit units, like the Prism 2, you carry upwards of 6+ hours of brething gas!!! .

A truly SILENT WORLD (Hey that's the name of the store???!!)

Explorer Try Dive!

Want to take an Explorer for a test spin? We schedule Explorer "Try Dives" in the pool on a regular basis. email us or give us a call for the next event!


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