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Rescue Diver Course

Be better equipped to assist other divers! Learn to be a Better Dive Buddy!

Class Info

All divers eventually have a "situation" go down that might stretch their abilities. How did you handle it? Did it leave you anxious and wishing you knew more on how to handle the event? Maybe its time to get better educated on the "Why's" behind diver accidents and prevention. Learn more about Stress and Problem prevention in yourself, and other divers, with what has been called OUR BEST CLASS - RESCUE DIVER!  Become a Better Dive Buddy!

  •  Online training for your academics for Rescue, and for CPR-1st Aid-O2-AED
  • Class knowledge review session
  • Confined water session(s)
  • Open water beach dives (2)+
  • Reduced rental rate for students (1/2 price)
  • SDI Rescue Diver certification card upon successful completion
Equipment Requirements:

Equipment: (Minimum required) Personal Snorkeling Equipment: We believe divers are safer and more comfortable using their own equipment. At a Minimum, fins, mask, snorkel, regulator mouthpiece, gloves, boots and dive computer are required. Also recommend comfort strap, and mesh equipment bag. Our instructors are available before, during, and after the course to personally fit students to their equipment. We have discounted prices and a liberal exchange policy for our students.

Course Cost, including Online materials & c-card:
                          $410 + tax (contact us for code)


​Open Water/Beginner Class or equivalent with 15 logged dives (any agency), OR

Advanced Adventurer or Advanced Open Water Diver (any agency)


Basic Snorkeling Equipment and

personal scuba gear (available for rent).


Age 15 recommended.


Medically cleared for Diving.

Class Time

3 Classroom session, 2 for Rescue, 1 for First Aid/Cpr & Oxygen Administration

Lots of water time!


Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up for our next RESCUE DIVER course, or to discuss private instruction.
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