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The Next Step in your Scuba Adventure...


Whether you're a newly certified diver, new to the area, or want to get back into things "Underwater",  a Good Diver Is Always Learning!  We offer up a number of exciting programs for you to choose from, like ADVANCED ADVENTURE for the newly certified,  to SOLO diving, to INTRO TO TECH.  Choose the one that interests you most, and ALWAYS, HAVE FUN!!!


This is THE starting point for all of our Specialty and Continuing Education Course. We give you an Overview of 5 different Specialty diving topics, to expand your diving horizons! Almost all are a real asset for those planning to continue diving, period!  If you find a topic you like, we offer more in-depth (pun intended!) training to enhance your comfort and safety. A usual Advanced Adventure Course includes: Deep, Navigation, Buoyancy Control, Night, Boat and Beach dives. Cost is $399, includes all materials, training fees and certification card. Any boat fees or rentals are extra (students receive 50% off rentals for classes. This course is available ONLINE.


Using Oxygen Enriched Air, or NITROX, is the most POPULAR Specialty course offered. And for good reason! NITROX divers are able to decrease the amount of nitrogen in the gas they breathe, enabling LONGER BOTTOM TIMES and LESS POST-DIVE FATIGUE to name a few benefits. Learning to use Nitrox is easy and FUN! One evening class session: $150

This course is available ONLINE.


In our view, this class is an absolute MUST for active Northwest divers. Most all of our students train in a drysuit for ALL their Open Water training dives. And for good reason! Water robs your body of heat 25 times faster than air! So in our NW 50 degree water, well, you get the picture! This class includes training materials, academic and confined water session, 2- dives and SDI certification in drysuit diving when completed.  Cost: $350, includes Drysuit rentals for pool and dives, certification card. Any boat fees or or scuba rentals extra (50% off rentals for students).

We also, at no extra cost, offer a Fusion+ rating, which allows our divers to use the State-of-the-Art Fusion drysuits!


Everybody eventually dives deeper. Learn to do it PROPERLY!  We show you the best ways to choose the right equipment, site, planning and execution. This class is a MUST for all divers! Tuition includes training, materials, class session, 2 dives, and certification card.

This course is available ONLINE

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