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Silent World offers dozens of courses ranging from Try SCUBA! Introductory classes, to Open Water/Beginner classes all the way to Instructor, as well as our specialty: Rebreathers! Our Instructional team is comprised of very active divers who love the sport, and are Certified and Insured and very experienced. All of our programs offer Academic review, confined water and Open Water diving experiences-designed to give you an experience, not just the minimums!

Our class sizes are small and personalized to give you the one-on-one attention you want and need. Our Student-to-Instructor ratios are amongst the smallest you will find, so you get the extra attention you deserve. Whether you are just getting into the sport of diving or you've dove for years and want to improve your skills, Silent World can get you where you want to be.

We don't cut corners with your safety. Scuba diving is a fun, relaxing sport, but it has its risks. Other programs rush you through training: Silent World offers more. More pool practice, more one-on-one coaching, more open water dives. After learning with us, you'll be confident you can handle diving's up and downs. Don't compromise your safety by choosing "discount" lessons!


We offer classes and private lessons for all skill levels. Our small classes (no more than four students in a group, up to 12 in a class, with multiple Instructors and several Assistant Instructors) ensure plenty of one-on-one time. Academic Review sessions are held in our Bellevue store. We use pools at several local pools, including the Bellevue Aquatic Center. Our Open Water sessions are held throughout Puget Sound. Locations vary with the course, but the main idea is safety, fun and variety! We want you to have a great experience, so we offer up more dives than any other program you'll find!

New Open Water Divers purchasing their equipment from us receive a No-Hassle return policy (pool use) as well as a New Diver Discount. We want you to be happy!


After your certification, we won't leave you out to dry. The whole idea with learning to dive is, well, to GO DIVING! We plan regular, free shore dives, organized by our Dive Master Team; day-long boat diving trips in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands, as well as multi-day and multi-week trips throughout the world! We can even help you find a dive buddy!


Don't let your Open Water/Beginner class be your last class; it's just the start! We offer programs to keep you interested and engaged for a Lifetime of Diving!

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