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Open Water/Beginner SCUBA

SCUBA diving certification class for beginners.  Upon completion, you'll be able to dive autonomously.  Certification recognized internationally!

Class Info


Learning to dive  should not only be fun, but safe. We are not the drive-thru of diving training. We offer more classes, more one-on-one coaching, more pool sessions, more open water dives. We won't leave you with heart-burn, regretting your decision to dive!. Instead, you'll "over-learn" basic self-help skills so your reactions to stressful situations are automatic leaving you to safely enjoy this new sport.

Our program is designed to help you feel safe and comfortable diving anywhere in the world. We provide personalized private or small group sizes (4 students per Instructor, max), plenty of pool practice time, and plenty of dive time on your open water sessions.


Pool sessions are planned to enable new students to practice basic snorkel and scuba skills to perfection, for increased safety and comfort during the open water sessions.  Training is Performance-Based, so we take you to the open water only when we feel you are both comfortable and ready.  You won't feel pushed or rushed in our program!

Our open water sessions are conducted at  one or a combination of these local dive sites: Alki Point (in west Seattle), Edmonds Underwater Park, and Keystone Jetty (on Whidbey Island), OR we can help you arrange to complete your dives on your next Tropical Vacation!

We conduct at least Five open water dives on these excursions to give new divers diverse experiences and make them comfortable with a number of local dive sites. All SCUBA equipment is included in the tuition cost, though students will be required to provide their own snorkeling equipment and Student Training Kit, all available for purchase from us.

Several Add-on class options are also available during Open Water training.  Drysuit training is our most popular class add-on, as local Northwest waters can be fairly "brisk and refreshing" (45-50 degrees F).   We are one of the only dive schools in the Seattle-area offering drysuit diving to entry level divers, and have a full size selection so we can fit just about anyone. You don't have to be cold!


Another option is Enriched Air Nitrox.  "Nitrox" is oxygen-enriched air, and can offer significant safety advantages to dives.  Divers using Nitrox typically can stay down longer, and feel less tired after dives.

What's Included

* Academic Sessions & Confined-Water Sessions (varies with schedule)
  • Additional confined-water practice sessions at no extra charge
  • Rental of all SCUBA equipment 
  • 5 Open Water Dives
  • SDI Open Water Diver Certification upon successful completion!
  • Optional Drysuit training & certification. Dive warm and dry!

Basic Snorkeling Equipment.


Age 13 or older.


Medically cleared for Diving.

Basic swimming ability


Class Time

Academic review sessions

   4-6 hours in the Pool 

Additional practice pool sessions

   available if needed

Individual coaching sessions

   5 Open water dives

 Additional open water dive for

   drysuit certification

Additional open water dives available

   if needed

   $549  Group
   $899 Private
Training Materials:
+ Snorkel Gear, suitable for scuba

Upcoming Class starts dates:

- Aug. 3,4,10,11

- Sept. 7,8,14,15

- Oct. 5, 6 12, 13

- Nov. 2, 3, 9, 10

- Dec. 7, 8, 14, 15



2010 - present

2010 - present


  • Clean Bill of Health or clearance by a Physician
  • Basic swimming watermanship ability. You'll need to perform a 200 yard swim (any stroke, no time limit) and a 10 minute tread water
  • Personal Snorkeling Equipment:  Everything you need, we have! We offer personally fitted and guaranteed equipment for your safety and comfort! Basic snorkeling equipment is discounted for our students, and we guarantee the fit and satisfaction. Required for class: mask, snorkel, fins, boots,gloves and (2)-regulator mouthpieces. We back everything we sell both for quality and price, and a no hassle return policy for students.

Fine Print:

- Tuition payment due when signing up. Tuition is refundable if you cancel prior to 14 days from start date

- Tuition is not transferable and no partial refunds for unused class sessions 

- Life happens, if a class needs to be postponed for personal reasons, we normally re-enroll you into a future course, re-enrollment fees may apply

- If Medical or personal issues we sort out case-by-case

- Final certification is earned, not paid for! 

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up, or to discuss private instruction.
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