Dive With Us.

  **Note: Effective April 10th, add $20 to listed prices for Non-Club Members**

Local Diving.

Silent World offers many local diving opportunites from group shore dives to regularly planned boat dives. Our dive masters can help you find a dive buddy or pick out a local shore dive site based on your skills or the wildlife you want to see.

Join us  as we explore some of our favorite shore diving sites! Bring all your gear and a full tank or two (if you need to rent your gear, call us early for best selection!). All divers need (4) coldwater dives logged in the past (6) months and equipment in current service.   


                    Beach Dives

New to the area? Or new to diving? Or just want to get in the water with some trained dive leaders? Join us for one of our regular beach dives. All you need is current dive experience to join us! We resurrected these events since no one was going anywhere, and they're popular! We have Instructors and divemasters along to lead the way. Email us to sign up!

  • Dec. 26th "Opt-Out" dive at Edmonds UW Park   RSVP

       Day Boat Diving Trips

Unless otherwise noted, all trips for Puget Sound leave from Tacoma. (The dive master on the trip will often help organize carpools.) Hot soup, bottled water, chips and cookies included. Plan for two dives each day; airfills are not available on the boat so plan to bring two cylinders.


  • We dive with you: At least one certified, insured dive master or instructor goes out with every boat. We can repair your equipment or loan you a spare. We help pick perfect dive sites. It's our job to make sure you have an enjoyable dive. ( Private dive guide available )

  • We are prepared : Our dive masters always bring a spare set of equipment in case yours develops a sudden problem. Most times, we can offer you a loaner or perform a quick field repair to keep you diving.

  • We choose great dive sites: Based on the experience and interests of the group and the current local tide and weather conditions, we choose great, appropriate, dive sites.

  • We are safe: We have a 100% safety record. We work with you to understand your skills and needs and make appropriate choices based on that information. We don't tolerate overly aggressive divers who can make diving difficult for all of us. (We have even been known to sideline a few people who could not follow our rules.)

  • You get wet: We all know how hard it can be to carve out time to just jump in the water from our busy schedules. Add a boat dive to your schedule and you'll get in two dives in one day. And have fun too! 

   Canadian Multi-Day trips
          All Canadian trips are cancelled until further notice.  Stay tuned, ehh???


International Travel.

Silent World's trips include the cost of diving (both boat and shore), air fills, and room and board (though Nitrox and other specialty gases; additional boat dives; and alcohol are extra). Typically, airfare is also included in all international trips. We tell you ahead of time about any exit taxes some countries assess or any recommended tip amount for the dive masters. Our trips have no hidden costs.


When Silent World sets up diving vacations, we research the dive operator. We ensure they have a good safety reputation; quality equipment; and safe, pure airfills. We ensure the dive operators offer at least Nitrox, and often rebreather support as well (Some of our trips are "Rebreather-specific", with most everyone using one).

Silent World sets up vacations all over the world for all skill levels. If a trip requires additional experience, we clearly state it so you don't get in over your head. We send a seasoned dive master on every trip to further ensure your safety and fun.


April 30 - May 7, 2022

Join us at Volivoli Beach Resort for an amazing week of diving, white sandy beaches and cultural activities.  Fijians are truely some of the friendliest folks I have ever met.  We will be diving the famed Bligh Waters!

September 1 - 10, 2022

Need I say more!  Contact Mona for more information.  

Advanced divers only please.

(Trip is Full, contact us to add to the Wait List)

Socorro Islands, Mexico
Jan 24 - Feb 1, 2022

Big animal diving at its best!  Giant manta rays, hammerhead sharks, whales, dolphins....all from the luxury of the Belle Amie.  We can not get enough of this place!

Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
October 24 - November 4, 2022

Cross off your bucket list trip!  Rated as one of the best resorts, best reefs, best staff, best house reef in the world.  This will be our fourth trip back to this magical resort.  Yes, it is that great! CCR divers are welcomed and supported.  Non-divers welcome.