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I will be sending my dive buddies to you

I sincerely appreciate your help with my Suunto Vyper yesterday. I have worked in marketing, sales, service, and executive management since 1974. Your brand of prompt, courteous, informative service gets straight A's.

If you had wanted to, you and your manager could have sold me a computer... Since you didn't even try, I have confidence in your assessment of my Vyper's safety and reliability. Rest assured I will be sending my dive buddies to you when they need or want equipment. I will be first in line if I ever need one. Integrity matters. You and your business have it.

Daniel S, Seattle, June 2007

I felt very well prepared

On two of the three [dive] trips [in Hawaii], I was clearly the guy with the least experience but that wasn't an issue at all... I felt very well prepared for everything I encountered. Thanks Curtis [Silent World Dive Master]!

Scott A, Kirkland, March, 2006

Wonderful Experience!

I want to thank you [Craig] and Curtis [Silent World Dive Master] for giving me the opportunity to learn to dive through your open water program. I am so excited about the sport now and I so appreciate Curtis taking his time to work with me. I had major anxiety with diving in the open water and Curtis is such a fine young man and such a sincere dive instructor too. We dove today and it was the most wonderful experience for me. Craig, you really need to keep this fine young man because he is absolutely so right for the dive sport and he cares so much for his students too.

I am so happy I chose your dive shop to bring me into the sport of diving. You have an awesome organization and I appreciate that so much. You have my business and my highest regards.

J. McPherson, Redmond, March 2005

A Good and Educational Time!

I want to tell you how satisfied I was with that [semi-closed circuit rebreather] training. It was a good and educational time and using the rebreathing equipment for the first time was a wonderful experience that I really hope to repeat.

I give Curtis a lot of credit. He did a marvelous job of teaching and was patient, helpful, and good humored beyond the call of duty. Always there to find the hardware that I couldn't get to and successfully anticipate and address the problems that always arise. Too much of that, though, and I could get used to never taking care of myself. He gives real substance to the words on your website about how good your training is.

Dennis J, Port Townsend, May 2005

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