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Scuba Refresher Programs

Already certified, but haven't been out for a while? Or maybe you lost your card and need to get a new one with Worldwide recognition? Or perhaps you received your first certification as a Junior diver, and need to upgrade it to an Adult card. We have several options to help you get what you need and get you back into the water!

Skills Update      $149

For those out of the water up to 3 years +/-. We spend a night in the class reviewing the basic academics of diving, things like basic gas laws, emergency procedures, tables vs dive computer, etc. Then off to the pool for a review of equipment assembly and all basic skills you should have learned in your entry level course.


Includes one evening of class and pool training with an Instructor, and all equipment you may need.


​Open Water/Beginner certification from a Internationally recognized agency


Certification card


Logbook showing last dives made


Basic snorkeling equipment and

personal dive gear. Any life support equipment must be pre-inspected and okayed by us!


Age 10 or older


Medically cleared for Diving.



      - May. 9th

      - June 6th

      - July 11th

Complete Skills Update/Experienced Diver (re)certification     $249

For those of you who have been "Dry" for over 3 years, or lost your certification card, or need extra time to get comfortable. More comprehensive, with several class and pool sessions, to help ensure your gills are working properly prior to your next underwater excursion.


Includes two evenings of class and pool training with an Instructor, and all equipment you may need.

If required, new cert. card and any additional training materials are extra.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up for a personalized Refresher program, or to discuss private instruction.
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