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TDI Decompression Procedures 

The next step after TDI Advanced Nitrox. Take this class if you wish to start playing in the "deep end of the pool", up to 150'. 

This class shows you some equipment and techniques to extend your diving range past what most sport divers can explore.

Class Info

The next course in a series for budding Technical divers. Decompression Procedures takes those with Advanced Nitrox training to the next level, utilizing optimized gas mixes for deeper exposures, up to 150'.

What's Included
  • Class session with instructor
  • Four (4) dives


Advanced Open Water certification

Nitrox Certification

Advanced Nitrox Certification

40 logged dives, 6 coldwater in the past 6 months

Age 18 recommended.


Medically cleared for Diving.

2010 - present


  • Clean bill of health or clearance by a Physician
  • Personal Snorkeling Equipment recommended:  Please click this link for a comprehensive equipment list. 

  • Our instructors are available before, during, and after the course to personally fit students to their equipment. We have discounted prices and a liberal exchange policy for our students.

2010 - present

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up, or to discuss private instruction.
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