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TDI Advanced Nitrox Course

Your first Technical Diving Course. Learns the Ins and Outs of using optimized Enriched Air Nitrox. Learn how to use several gas "flavors" to get the most out of your dives and bottom time.

(Many student-divers commonly take Advanced Nitrox with Decompression Procedures)

Class Info

Take your experience using Nitrox to the next level with this course. We spend a fair amount of time going over the formulas behind the charts (and computers) most divers use, then how to plan to use the best mixes, up to 100% oxygen, to maximize your dives!

Silent World has been involved with Nitrox since 1990; we were one of the first dive operators in the state to offer Nitrox. We have the experience and service to help you get involved with this new boon to safer diving.


Advanced Open Water Diver

40 logged dives, with 6 in coldwater in past 6 months

Nitrox certification


Age 18 or older


Medically cleared for Diving.

What's Included
  • Class session with instructor
  • Four (4) dives

2010 - present


  • TDI Advanced Nitrox eLearning Code. Click the link below or call the store for a code
  • Clean bill of health or clearance by a Physician
  • Personal scuba equipment recommended:  Please click the LINK for a comprehensive equipment list.

  •  V-planner or iDeco software recommended. 

2010 - present

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up, or to discuss private instruction.
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