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First Response 1st Aid, CPR, & O2 Administration Course

This program packs all the above into easy to learn, easy to retain information, that you'll remember if/when you need it! A MUST for all divers!

Class Info

Ours is a Diver-level course designed to give you the basic tools and knowledge to help others in need if/when the time comes!  This program is for all Divers, and all Dive Professionals who want an easy to remember set of guidelines .  Hands-on time with CPR mannequins, Oxygen delivery equipment, AED test units as well as Basic 1st aid materials.

  • Online Codes for CPR-1st Aid-O2 & AED
  • One classroom evening
  • This course is included in our Rescue course, or taken by itself
  • First Response 1st Aid & CPR certification and O2 Administration cards upon successful completion


​Open Water/Beginner Class suggested


Age 15 recommended.


Class Time

1 Class session for each class


  • Open water diver certification recommended but not required

Next classes:

- 1st Aid/CPR 

   Aug. 20, 2024

- Oxygen Provider

   Aug. 20, 2024

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up for our next courses, or to discuss private instruction

Course cost, including Online codes & Certification card: 
-    FIRST RESPONSE ADULT First Aid & CPR  $125
-    FIRST RESPONSE Oxygen Administration   $70
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