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Drysuit Diving

We were the first in the state to offer drysuit rentals and training. Learn from our experience! We especially encourage our beginning divers to dive dry. For the northwest diver, drysuit diving is really the only way to stay warm and comfortable. For those divers wishing to dive several times a day, dive over several days, or perform deeper dives, drysuits are the only way to stay warm, comfortable and safe.

Our drysuit training program was originally designed to keep our entry level divers warm and comfortable on their open water dives. (look around on the beach: you won't see hardly any active northwest divers using a wetsuit!)

Our training expanded for all divers who want more information about the suits. Training is free of charge to divers who purchase a suit from us. We offer the very best drysuits in our rental program as well as all the accessories.

What's Included


  • Books, materials and certification card

  • Drysuit rental

  • Open water dives (2) from either beach or boat (additional cost)



  • Open Water/Beginner course or equivalent unless Drysuit course is taken in conjuction with Open Water/Beginner course.

  • Dive gear (available for rent).

Sign Up!

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or e-mail an instructor to sign up for a lesson or discuss private instruction.

At a Glance

A specialty course that will allow you to dive using a drysuit: stay warm (and dry!) while diving Pacific Northwest waters.


Open Water/Beginner Class or equivalent

Drysuit class can also be taken in conjunction with Open Water.

Class Time

1 Classroom Session

1 Pool Session

2 Open Water Dives​

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