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Nitrox Diving

Nitrox is Oxygen Enriched Air. The gas is ultra-purified, making it much cleaner than conventional compressed air. The result is a breathing gas that is 50 times cleaner than conventional scuba compressed air (ever taste oil vapors in your air?).


The major benefit from breathing Nitrox when diving comes from the decrease in nitrogen in your breathing gas. As we divers know, nitrogen is the main culprit behind decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis. By breathing a gas with less nitrogen (and more oxygen) a diver can expect to have a much larger safety margin, and many other benefits, such as:

  • less nitrogen narcosis
  • less post-dive fatigue
  • extended no-decompression limits, sometimes as much as two to three Repetitive Groups

Many divers even report being warmer on their Pacific Northwest dives!

Silent World has been involved with Nitrox since 1990; we were one of the first dive operators in the state to offer Nitrox. We have the experience and service to help you get involved with this new boon to safer diving.

What's Included


  • Books and material


  • Optional two (2) Open water dives (including nitorx cylinder rentals)



  • Open Water/Beginner course or equivalent (unless Nitrox is taken in conjunction with Open Water course)
  • Dive gear (available for Rent)


Sign up!

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or e-mail an instructor to sign up for a lesson or discuss private instruction.

At a Glance

A specialty course that will allow you to dive using gas mixtures enriched with up to 40% oxygen.









Open Water/Beginner Class or equivalent

Nitrox class can also be taken in conjunction with Open Water

Class Time

1 classroom session

Optional open water dives

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