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SOLO Diver Specialty Course

For Advanced divers, Solo or Self Sufficient Diving is an important set of skills. Whether you're an underwater photographer, dive professional, ALL divers benefit from learning the finer aspects of Self Reliance underwater even when diving with a dive buddy. This SDI Course is one of the most popular offered!

Class Info

Become a more Self-Reliant Diver, or dive Solo, but become stronger and more Self Sufficient with this Course! This is the most popular specialty course with SDI for the advanced diver. Academic training online with SDI's tested program, followed by hands-on academic review. Then off to the Open Water to practice Self-Help and Self-Rescue Skills.


Take this course if you want to be more comfortable in the water! One of the best courses we offer!



Age 21 years old or older 



Advanced Open Water Diver rating or higher.


100 logged dives


Fully owned equipment sytem, including Spare cutting device, light and Redundant Breathing System (pony or bailout system)

Class Time

What's Included
  • All training materials and certification card. 
  • Academic  session
  • Open water beach dives (2+), or boat dives (additional cost)
  • SDI Solo Diver certification card
  • Ability to dive Solo on future trips

1 Classroom session

2+ Open water dives




2010 - present

2010 - present

  • Clean Bill of Health or clearance by a Physician
  • Equipment: Full Personal Scuba System, including Pony or Bailout cylinder  (10 cuft or larger) & regulator; redundant cutting device and redundant light.

Call the store at 425-747-8842 or E-mail an instructor with any questions, to sign up for our next Perfect Buoyancy class, or to discuss private instruction.
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