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GEM Gas Extending Mechanism.  The latest Innovation to hit the sport of diving!  Use the GEM to extend your scuba cylinder up to 3 x's !! Its not a full blown CCR, rather a very clever and simple to use Semi-Closed Rebreather.  It fits onto a conventional scuba cylinder, uses conventional fittings, and uses Nitrox!  If you've always wanted to dive a rebreather, but shyed away because of price, complexity or weight, the GEM  may be just what you're looking for...

Product Details

Exceptionally small and lightweight, it fits into your carry-on baggage!  The GEM is very steamlined in the water and easy and simple to use.  This is a perfect rebreather for travel and anyone who wants to extend their time underwater.  It comes with a very streamlined and lightweight bc and harness, counterlungs and all hoses and attachments.  You add a few components and you're ready to go!  Training for the GEM is much less expensive than conventional Closed Circuit Rebreather training and at a fraction of the cost.

GEM Training

Learning to dive the GEM is easy and takes much less time than most CCR classes.  A few hours of class time, a pool session and 4-6 dives and you got it.  The unit works with any conventional Nitrox cylinder! Training is open to anyone over 18 with Nitrox training!

We have classes monthly.  Contact Craig with any questions you might have, this is a rebreather for EVERYBODY!

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